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Preamp PD2​ SE

With the PD2 we wanted to make an reference pre-amplifier. Designing an pre-amplifier is not an easy task, not even with opamp’s.

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Poweramp A2 120 SE

All our gain stages used in our products are “single gain stage” technology which helps us making fast and stable gain stages.

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The goal for the Phison D2 SEDAC is to have precise stereo image with good depth and height, maximum transparency, and an inky-black background.

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PHISON Audio is life long love to HIFI

Not only the musical presentation but also to make lifetime companion products for Audiophiles. PHISON Audio is founded by the brothers Philip and Sonny. Philip is doing the Mechanical design, Sonny is doing the electronic design. We believe in good craftsman to meet our goal.​​

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User Reviews

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One can't fail thinking that Hamlet's old lair has grown into an unusually fertile ground for no-compromise hifi companies. And we haven't even begun to rattle off their speaker makers, cable makers and suppliers of drive units. Clearly Denmark takes our hobby most serious indeed.

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We believe in good craftsman to meet our goal

​Our designs are genuine PHISON Audio and made in Denmark.​​

Here at PHISON Audio, we make Lifetime companion products for Audiophiles.

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