​The goal for the Phison D2 SEDAC is to have precise stereo image with good depth and height, maximum transparency, and an inky-black background. It should do all this and still be musical without any listening fatigue. Combined with our A2.120 SE or the new A1.100 amplifier or any other signal chain we believe that this goal is reached. The D2 SE is a DAC with a fully discrete Signal path after the DAC chip. It uses a precise blend of JFET’s and a bipolar transistor to achieve the sound signature that matches the Phison line. If the Source is purely digital the D2 SE DAC has a build in discrete Volume control making it possible to shorten the signal path by connecting the DAC directly to a power amplifier using XLR or RCA. The discrete volume control is state of art and combined with a high performance power supply section.

​​Circuit topology

​The DAC is build around a ESS Technologies ES9038PRO DAC. It is one of the most demanding DAC’s to use to get maximum performance of it, but if we master the analog circuit around the DAC it will reward with an astonishing sound stage. The key ingredient is the house keeping circuit. Without this part of the design the system would not have the pitch-black sound stage. It-is There is no less then 11 ultra low noise regulators, Ultra low phase noise oscillators. The gain stages is optimized for very high current drive demanded by the DAC without going into saturation.